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Account Opening 

How to open an account with XSpot Wealth?

XSpot Wealth is offering different investment accounts for its clients depending on the investment services they want to receive.  We accept individuals and companies from most countries. You can find the place of your residency in the drop-down list of our online application form.

What type of account can I open with XSpot Wealth?

Private Account
We accept individuals from most countries. You will need to complete an online form and upload a recent proof of ID and recent proof of address.

Corporate Account
In order to open an account for your company please complete our corporate application pack which you can find here then email it back with all necessary information to

Joint Account
You can now open a joint investment account of up to 4 members with XSpot.

Professional Account
XSpot is offering the option of opening a professional account. Please visit this article to find whether you are eligible for a professional account.

Can I open a trading account with XSpot Wealth?

XSpot is proud to offer brokerage (execution-only) accounts for clients that want to trade more than 13,000 instruments in 20+ exchanges with great technology and low fees.

Brokerage (Execution Only)

You can open a brokerage account with XSpot by visiting account opening page  You need to have a proof of ID and a recent proof of address.

Can I open an Asset Management account with XSpot Wealth?

XSpot is proud to offer a new generation asset management service to its clients. Please visit for more information.

Below you can see the 2 types of Asset Management accounts you can have with XSpot. 

Smart Wealth
You can open an account for our XSpot professionally managed smart portfolios by visiting XSpot Wealth page 

Private Wealth
The opening of a private wealth account will be completed during the free initial consultation meeting with our professional Relationship Managers and Portfolio Managers. In order to book an appointment please email us on or call us on:

+357 25 571044  (Cyprus Office)

+30 2160003860 (Greece Branch)

How many days can I keep my Demo account?

Your demo account is automatically set to expire after 20 days but you can contact us to request an extension.

Can I keep access to my Demo account after opening a Live account?

Of course. We will let you keep your demo account after opening a live account and you can also request from your account manager to extend access in your demo.

Can I open an account for my children?

At this stage we offer account opening for anyone above 18 years of age. So if your children are above 18 they can contact us to open an account.

Can I open an account as a US resident or US tax resident?

At this time unfortunately we cannot offer an investment account for US residents.

How many account types are there with XSpot Wealth?

With XSpot you can open Private, Corporate, Joint and Professional accounts. Please see this article for more information

How long does it take to open an account with XSpot Markets?

For private accounts provided that your submitted documents meet the specified documentation requirements, we aim to process and finalize our assessment within 1- 24 hours.

You can open an account with XSpot Markets using this link

In which currencies can I open an account with XSpot Wealth?

We offer the opportunity the open an account in the below 7 currencies:

What is the minimum initial deposit to open a XSpot PRO trading account?

You can open a XSpot PRO from EUR 5000 or equivalent in any other currency. With XSpot PRO you get access to our full range of products on our multi-asset XSpot PRO terminal on 13,000+ instruments across 4 different asset classes.

What if I don’t have much experience in trading or investing?

Our digital application form will automatically assess your knowledge and experience in all markets offered by XSpot PRO, and will provide you access to all relevant products depending on your inputs.

I completed my registration, but my account is not approved yet. Why?

With XSpot we aim to finalize our assessment, open your account and send you the XSpot PRO account and portal logins in your email within minutes.

If you haven’t received this email within 24 hours during weekdays it means that your account is under manual check and our team will contact you in case there are any issues or incorrect/missing documents.

Feel free to contact our team via live chat, email or phone from here 

Can I open a Metatrader account with XSpot Wealth?

XSpot is not offering Metatrader 4 (MT4)   platform.

You can open a Demo account or Live account with our cutting edge terminal XSpot PRO offering much more functionalities than MT4.

Read more about our terminals here

Is XSpot Wealth reporting my profits to the tax authorities?

XSpot does not provide advice on tax related matters to its clients. We encourage you to obtain independent advice from financial adviser, auditor and/or legal counsel with respect to tax implications of the respective Services.

Who can I talk to in order to discuss more about opening an account with XSpot?

Please feel free to contact our dedicated experienced professionals to discuss any questions you might have in relation to opening an account with XSpot Wealth:

for all countries listen below:

Telephone: +357 25 571044 


For Greece:

+30 2160003860 

+30 2130993281


EU . Countries
Non EU. Countries
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Want to Contact Us?
In case you have any question regarding the account opening process please feel free to contact our team. 

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