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XSpot PRO Desktop provides professional functionalities and fully customizable workspaces bringing the most efficient tools for market analysis and trading.

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XSpot PRO platform supports up to six Windows screens

Powerful Tools

XSpot PRO Desktop is designed for heavy operations. The combination of professional functionality and fully customizable workspaces brings experienced traders the most efficient tool for market analysis and trading.

Download XSpot PRO

XSpot PRO platform supports up to six Windows screens

Native Windows App

Built to cover the whole range of desktop devices, XSpot PRO was developed for Native Windows platform.

Tick Data Enhanced

The Platform supports tick data and has various tools to display and work with tick data. Tick data-related panels and tools are mostly used in Volume trading and are best for volume-based analysis.

Multi-Asset Platform

With XSpot PRO Desktop you can trade any assets: Stocks, ETFs, Bond and Mutual Funds in one web platform

Powerful Tools

Chart types


XSpot PRO Desktop has all chart types your traders desire for technical analysis: Bars, Candles, Kagi, P&F, Renko, Cluster chart, Tick charts you name it. Timeframes supported start from 1-minute chart up to a few-years chart. For a custom-tailored price view, traders are able to create and save custom time-frames like 3-minute, 2-hour, etc.

Active trading


Whether your traders are swing traders, day-traders or scalpers, XSpot PRO platform has all tools each active trader desires. Panels like Market depth, Matrix, SuperDOM, and Scalper help traders find the best opportunity and entry point, and with hot buttons and hotkeys, orders are promptly sent and opportunities are never lost.

Option master


Option Master allows estimating option positions, plotting option profiles, modeling their change depending on different market factors, and holding testing of the real option positions «on paper».

Synthetic instrument


The Synthetic instrument is best for traders who trade portfolio or spread strategies. A trader can add multiple instruments into the synthetic instrument and trade it as a single asset. Synthetic instrument will display Bid, Ask, and Last prices generated from Bid/Ask/Last prices of instruments within its group, and the most important it can be represented on the chart.

Account statistics


The platform features the Account statistics panel for traders to monitor their trading advances.

The panel contains a massive array of trading statistics, profit factor data, data on trade population and drawdowns. All the data in the Account statistics panel are also represented on charts, hence traders have a more familiar view of the data.

Integration with Excel


With XSpot PRO, traders can export data from any table panel to Excel and synchronize these data. A sheet with an exported data will be updated in real-time. Best for traders who use Excel formulas to make custom calculations.



The fully customizable interface features panel docking and linking that gives traders full control over the creation of their custom workspaces. In XSpot PRO each panel is independent and operates under certain rules set by a trader. However, a trader can set the dependency of panels and link them so they operate as a whole. Traders can detach each panel and replicate it on a separate monitor yet using it as a part of the workspace.

Advanced trading tools & features

XSpot PRO Web

Available for Mac and Windows, tablets and smartphones

Access your investments on the GO with XSpot PRO Web

XSpot PRO Mobile

Access your investments on the GO with XSpot PRO mobile and tablet apps

Easily navigate the platform, open, close, modify orders and open watchlist with a single tap

XSpot PRO Desktop

XSpot PRO Desktop is our fully customisable cutting edge solution

Trade 13,000+ instruments across multiple asset classes


What are the XSpot PRO technical requirements?

System Requirements-
Before you start installing the trading platform, check your software and hardware settings. Generally, client terminals
do not have minimum system requirements to run the platform, but depending on the type of use, the following
parameters are recommended:

Single account trading-
2 GHz or higher processor.
2 GB RAM (This value should be dedicated to the Desktop application only. For other tasks, you can have additional
free RAM).
50 MB available disk space for installation and additional 500 MB for history cache.
Operating Systems:
Windows 7/ 8.1/ 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 +

Automated trading-
System requirements are similar as in the case of a single account, except for
3.0 GHz or higher processor for complex trading systems.
4 GB RAM (This value should be dedicated to the Desktop application only)
80 MB available disk space for Trading Systems and 500 MB for data storage.

Is there a XSpot PRO mobile application?

XSpot PRO is also offered as a native applications for iOS and Android. All your personal settings, watchlists, orders and positions are synced with XSpot PRO, allowing you to trade wherever, whenever, from a single account.

How much does it cost to use XSpot PRO?

XSpot PRO can be downloaded for free with no monthly charges.

Can I use XSpot PRO as a professional or institutional investor?

Yes you can. At XSpot Wealth, we create bespoke solutions that are tailored to your needs. Simply fill in the form here and someone from your local office will be in touch to discuss your needs and objectives.

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